How to Crypto

by Gregory J. Rigano, Esq.

Last Updated: September 20, 2018

The first 13 steps to winning in the magical internet money game (note that there are 10,000 more, these are just the first few, educational purposes only)

1. Get a Trezor for cold storage

2. Make all passwords at least 20 characters of upper/lower case, numbers, symbols, no words

3. Store them safely 

4. Read Mastering Bitcoin ASAP (for non-techies at least the first two chapters and skim thru elliptical curve math)

5. Read The Byzantine Generals Problem - Bitcoin is the first solution to this problem 6. #HODL unless we're talking Bitcoin Cash, in that case spend it? smart contracts + bigger blocks + on-chain scaling, hmmm ... 7. Stay away from anyone who claims to be a blockchain/crypto expert unless its Satoshi (Note: We’re all Satoshi) 8. #CryptoTwitter (can get toxic) and developer meetups is where all the action happens 9. Go to developer conferences, not investor conferences and remember, crypto is global 10. Create a Github account and start following/contributing to your favorite/interesting projects (mostly technical) 11. Don’t wear crypto t-shirts in public, don't discuss crypto loudly - unless you’re going to a crypto event OR you have 8 figures stashed safely 12. For up to date crypto-economic data use onchainFX supplemented with CMC

3. For up to date crypto-legal info we're here for you! Also check out Coin Center