Environmental Law


New York Environmental Law Practice

Rigano LLC is a New York law firm based in Long Island that concentrates its practice on environmental, energy, and land use matters. We represent parties of all sizes with interests including complex corporate matters, real estate and government affairs. Our clients include real estate developers, commercial and industrial property owners, buyers, sellers and tenants that are involved with contaminated property, municipalities, and water districts and suppliers. We have successfully represented over $2 billion in private sector transactions along with managing the associated government issues. Rigano LLC’s successful representation of clients is an attestation to our competence, team of excellence and strategic discipline.

Our environmental practice is unique to New York as Rigano LLC is led by former scientist turned attorney James P. Rigano. His scientific acumen combined with his legal experience, capabilities and proficient team of attorneys has allowed for a long history of successful client representation. A significant part of this representation has focused on contaminated property remediation, cost recovery and development. Along with contaminated property, we concentrate on water supply issues, specifically water contamination as well as clean air. Contamination of resources is an unfortunate, often unintentional byproduct of industry that must be addressed in a comprehensive, remedial and sophisticated fashion.

Our environmental abilities with regard to contamination issues comprise of over 30 years experience with a vast array of legal, scientific and regulatory matters. Rigano LLC’s skill, knowledge and capabilities allow for the requisite legal representation to address the complex environmental issues of the twenty-first century.

Environmental Law Practice Areas

Contaminated Property

Whether the contamination is historic or fairly recent, significant or minor, we have successfully counseled buyers, sellers, owners, operators, lenders, and developers in handling contamination in a strategic economic fashion while maintaining compliance

Air Quality And Pollution

Our practice has unique expertise in the application of New York State air requirements, which are substantially more restrictive than federal Clean Air Act limitations.

Endangered Species

We handle development applications where endangered species are a concern seeking to resolve the conflict between the potential development and the regulatory controls associated with endangered species.

Environmental, Social and Governance

The recent ESG trend has accelerated corporate desire to fuel responsible ESG practices. We have 40 years of experience dedicated to advising sustainable practices for businesses and have been ahead of the recent ESG trend.

Renewable Energy and Solar Development

We understand what it takes, technologically, economically, and socially for the renewable energy to succeed. Besides solar and wind, we also have experience with hydro electric facilities.

Transfer of Development Rights

The TDR process can enhance a development by allowing development to proceed or otherwise increase in density while protecting environmentally-sensitive land where the property owner receives compensation for preserving their property.

Water Quality Issues

Our experience includes representing water suppliers in litigation and negotiations in multi-million dollar actions against both government and corporate entities.


There are an estimated 26,000 PFAS-contaminated sites across the United States, and scientists have estimated that at least six million Americans have PFAS-contaminated drinking water above the existing safe limits recommended by EPA

Wetlands, Pine Barrens, and Land Use

We have extensive experience working on tidal and freshwater wetland matters involving development activities regulated under state and federal law.