Contaminated Property


New York Contaminated Property Practice

James P. Rigano leads our practice at Rigano LLC. As a leading authority on environmental law in New York, he has been working with contaminated property for the last 25 years.

Whether the contamination is historic or fairly recent, significant or minor, we have successfully counseled buyers, sellers, owners, operators, lenders, and developers in handling contamination in a strategic economic fashion while maintaining compliance with government requirements. We have a wealth of experience representing clients of all sizes, ranging from large corporations to individuals. Our esteemed history with contaminated property includes saving our clients from significant losses in clean up, transforming formerly distressed properties into productive, useful real estate and obtaining the most favorable result possible for our clients when the government or another potentially responsible party is involved.

As an accomplished contaminated property practice, we are particularly well versed with regard to understanding and managing the scientific, technical, and consulting process, including petroleum and chlorinated solvent contamination. We have extensive experience in handling the regulatory process, both federal and state, that always accompanies contamination. Furthermore, we negotiate and when necessary, litigate in cost recovery actions when our client has performed cleanup and wants to recover their cost.

We have been working with contaminated property since the 1980’s and have significant experience with the relevant governmental bodies, including the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, we work with a team of consultants, scientists, and other experienced environmental professionals to carry out the technical work. Our experience with contaminated property has resulted in relationships with all parts of the environmental community, making Rigano LLC an authority on all matters dealing with contaminated property.