Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)


PFAS litigation And Regulatory Issues

PFAS are a group of ubiquitous manmade chemicals that are not biodegradable. They are contained in products used across virtually all industries. As the science develops, the number of regulated PFAS chemicals continue to expand and regulations have become more stringent, especially for PFAS in soil and water.

Rigano LLC is at the forefront of PFAS science, regulation and litigation representing municipalities, industry, insurers, and parties with property interests in: (i) multi-million dollar complex tort, CERCLA and RCRA litigations, (ii) state and federal regulatory cleanups, and (iii) insurance coverage disputes. As a result of our unparalleled PFAS legal experience and knowledge, we obtain the best outcome for our clients, are able to minimize costs, and identify PFAS sources in the subsurface by analyzing chemical ratios and isomers to pursue the responsible polluters through cost recovery litigation and otherwise defend our clients.

Rigano LLC has published numerous papers and given many presentations on PFAS issues, including for various Bar Associations, municipal boards, and CLE providers. Rigano LLC has also been cited by various media outlets associated with its PFAS work.

PFAS Litigation and Regulatory Issues