Renewable Energy and Solar Development

Rigano LLC is actively involved in bringing renewable energy in a significant capacity to New York. We understand what it takes, technologically, economically, and socially for the renewable energy to succeed. Besides solar and wind, we also have experience with hydro electric facilities. James P. Rigano, Rigano LLC’s founding partner, was counsel for the New York Power Authority with regard to permitting substantial hydroelectric and transmission projects.  


Our devotion to clean energy and our desire to bring New York to energy independence fosters the drive within Rigano LLC to make this industry a sustainable reality. 


New York’s capacity for solar energy is unlimited. Enough sun falls on New York state in one month to power it for centuries. Harnessing this light is the current challenge, both technologically and economically. Rigano LLC is on the cutting edge of a technological and economic standpoint for solar to become a viable alternative energy option. Advancements in solar cells along with the financing options have made solar very attractive in many different geographic locations. We have identified locations for large scale solar development and worked with property owners and solar developers on the creation of large solar facilities.